Dreicor Incorporated

Why Dreicor, Inc.

Why Dreicor

Project Complexity Simplified!

All of our projects are completed by Dreicor, Inc.’s own steady workforce to certify quality, consistency, and competitive prices. We have a long history of completing complex projects on-time, within budget, and most importantly, safely.

Safety Management

  • Our safety program is led by a Certified Safety Professional.
  • Dreicor, Inc.’s safety culture is driven from the top down.
  • Dreicor, Inc. provides site-specific training, OSHA 10, OSHA 30 classes.
  • Dreicor, Inc. has implemented a behavioral based system (BBS) for continuous improvement of our safety program.

Our Workforce

  • All construction projects are completed by Dreicor, Inc. employees, under the guidance and mentorship of a highly experienced and dedicated supervisory team, focused in glass industry projects.
  • Dreicor, Inc. is a non-union company that self-performs all construction work with all trades in-house. Because we use the same workforce from job-to-job, our customers can expect consistent quality and safer workers.
  • Our workforce is extensively skilled and knowledgeable, from the highest to the lowest levels of the organizational structure, in all facets of glass process construction.
  • Our workers understand trade interdependencies in the construction process. This enables us to work efficiently within our scope of work to meet customer expectations.
  • Our mentorship program ensures continued investment and continuity in our workforce.

Technical Expertise

  • We have the expertise and resources in place to solve problems quickly and thoroughly throughout all phases of the construction process.
  • Our management personnel and supervisory team are capable of solving complex technical problems to provide innovative solutions aimed at construction efficiency, safety engineering, quality control and schedule attainment.
  • We have the ability to address constructability issues during the design phase.


  • We fabricate steel, piping and sheet metal for our projects to help maintain control over quality and schedule.
  • To meet the varying complexity and scale of our projects, Dreicor, Inc. owns and maintains a variety of necessary equipment to be at the ready for any project.
  • Dreicor, Inc. is complemented by a group of sister companies and other affiliations that enable us to bring a formidable team to the construction process.