Leadership Team

Jerry L. Potter

Project Superintendent - Dreicor

Mr. Potter began his employment with Dreicor as a pipefitter in 1983. After contracting to several projects with Eastman Chemical, Davis Mechanical and Daniel International (including a nuclear plant in North Anna, VA), Mr. Potter returned to Dreicor in 1985, serving as a pipefitter during Dreicor’s construction of the AFG plant in Victorville, CA. After several years of service as both a pipefitter and ironworker, Mr. Potter was promoted to Working Foreman in 1990, Mechanical Superintendent in 1995, and Project Superintendent in 2000.

During Mr. Potter’s tenure at Dreicor, he has lead major construction and repair projects both internationally and in the US. He has served as Project Superintendent for approximately 35-40 fiberglass plant builds and repairs and approximately 12 major float tank rebuilds. Mr. Potter also served as the Project Superintendent for the construction of four new float plants in the U.S., including Dreicor's most recent float plant build in 2020 in Luckey, OH.

Beyond his direct role in project execution, Mr. Potter has been instrumental in the development and training of new ironworkers and pipefitters, implementing Dreicor’s Quality of Work Standards, and developing the future leadership of Dreicor. As the key figure on construction sites, he has helped develop a culture of job site safety, promoting team participation in the Behavioral Based Safety program that is the centerpiece of Dreicor’s safety plan.

Years with Dreicor


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