DREICOR is a single-source contractor that specializes in procurement, fabrication, and construction services, ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality, and client experience. All of our projects are completed by DREICOR'S steady workforce to certify quality, consistency, and competitive prices. We have a long history of completing complex projects on time, within budget, and most importantly, safely.

Technical Complexity

Project Complexity-Simplified

DREICOR's capacity to perform turn-key projects from concept to completion is unique in the glass industry. No other construction company brings this level of engineering, project management, safety management, and construction experience to a glass plant project.

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Design Build

Technical Expertise

Extensive Experience in All Glass Markets

DREICOR leverages almost 45 years of glass plant and industrial construction experience, as well as almost 100 years of engineering experience within TECO and the TECO Group of companies.

We have constructed regenerative, recuperative, gas-oxy, electric, and electric boosted furnaces for all major glass markets:

• Float (architectural and automotive)

• Low-Iron Solar (rolled and float)

• Fiberglass (blown batt, drawn fiber)

• Container and tableware (pressed and blown container and tableware)

• Lighting

• Pharmaceutical

• Specialty Glass

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Small and Large Scale Project Execution

DREICOR has constructed the last seven float plants built in the U.S. The most recent was executed as an EPC project, and included site development, infrastructure, 482,000 sf of process and warehouse space, and process equipment to produce 600 tons/day (TPD) of float glass.

DREICOR can field approximately 350 tradesmen and laborers as required, and manages site crews as large as 500 persons.

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Our Workforce


DREICOR is a merit-shop contractor that can self-perform all aspects of a rebuild or construction project.

DREICOR maintains an established workforce in all the necessary trades required for plant and process construction. DREICOR has developed relationships throughout almost 45 years of construction thereby ensuring access to the best specialty tradesmen in the country.

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