Dreicor Incorporated



Our goal at Dreicor, Inc. is to serve as a model for safety in construction. It is our corporate belief that investing in an informative training program allows employees to be self-guiding safety individuals. It is a requirement that each Dreicor, Inc. employee be proactive regarding their safety, the safety of their fellow employees and Dreicor, Inc.’s overall safety program.


Our in-house training process is customized to individual crafts with general training required for all employees and specialized training for supervisory employees.


Safety begins at the bidding process for us. This mindset is propagated throughout the entire company and facilitated by in-house full-time safety professionals.

Safety Meetings

We conduct mandatory safety meetings at the beginning of every shift and corporate safety meetings weekly.


All safety related issues, including accidents, injuries, near misses, and health related situations are thoroughly investigated and documented.

Continuous Improvement

Dreicor, Inc. has implemented a behavioral based safety system to influence a progressive and positive safety culture.