DREICOR employs an OSHA Authorized Construction Trainer and has trained client's employees in OSHA 10 and OSHA 30. We ensure training of all personnel in OSHA Construction Safety and require OSHA 30 training for all supervisory employees.

DREICOR is unique. We don't just employ a one-person safety department on a job site; we have a whole team of safety-conscious employees led by a Safety Supervisor on-site and overseen by a Certified Safety Professional.

DREICOR conducts welding internships in partnership with the local high schools and ensures that safety skills are cultivated 'first-hand' under the mentorship of our shop leaders. The training is recognized by the Tennessee Department of Labor and the Tennessee Department of Education.

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Safety Training and a Culture of Safety

DREICOR's adoption of the Behavioral Based Safety program has categorically improved safe working conditions on job sites by empowering site personnel to identify unsafe activities or conditions before they become incidents. This is the benefit that comes from thorough training of new employees in hazard recognition and proactive participation of supervisory and long-term employees. The focus of safety training includes:

  • Recognizing and reporting unsafe conditions.
  • Planning the work and documenting our daily activities related to safety.
  • Communicating to all employees any changes in site conditions and activities that may impact the working conditions.
  • Rewarding the team for their awareness of safety and reporting unsafe conditions.
  • Educating all personnel on the premise that "all accidents are avoidable".

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