Safety Meetings

DREICOR conducts mandatory site safety meetings at the beginning of every shift. These meetings help maintain overall safety awareness and make all personnel aware of ongoing work that might impact their safety.

DREICOR conducts weekly safety reviews with company management, field supervision and clients, and shares BBS safety performance data to maintain visibility and transparency.

DREICOR's approach to safety is focused on rewarding safe behavior. Safety meetings are an exchange between supervision and site crews. Periodic luncheons and safety awards are given to recognize safe working conditions.

Safety Meeting

Meeting Objectives:

  • Tool Box Talks- reminders related to risky conditions or situations, and suggesting ways to avoid accidents.
  • Update personnel on upcoming work activities that might impact their work and their safety.
  • Report on any areas requiring more attention to avoid unsafe conditions.
  • Share any lessons learned from the prior work period.
  • Continue to encourage all site personnel to look for unsafe conditions and report them to the Site Safety Team.

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