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Quality Construction Ensure Quality Operation and Production

Structural steel, mechanical piping and sheet metal fabrication and installation are all crucial to the long term safe operation of a glass plant or other industrial process. Product quality is often directly related to the quality of the equipment installation. The high quality of DREICOR'S work can be seen in all of its projects, but it has also been verified by third party certifications and inspection services.

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A Skilled Workforce + Personal Pride +Third Party Inspections = Outstanding Quality

DREICOR's quality is the result of highly skilled tradesmen who perform their jobs with pride. All personnel are well trained, and execute their work in accordance with established standards. The products they produce are inspected by third party certified inspectors to further ensure quality. DREICOR's employees share in the success of the work we perform, which results in a team that is committed to the idea of producing a superior product safely, on schedule, and within budget.

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